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It’s 5AM and I can’t sleep. Last night at 10PM I could not stay awake, go figure. This morning I woke-up with thoughts and images from my Africa trip. I’ve learned many things about Africa. I thought I would share some with you. Of course I still have a lot more to learn. So here are some random thoughts:

  • Africa is not country it’s a continent. But I’m too lazy to define ūüôā
  • Africa is complex.
  • Africa has many reasons to be hopeful. God is doing amazing things as we speak.
  • You can’t change Africa-but you can partner with fellow Christ-followers and make a significant difference.
  • Africa does not need Americans to try to fix¬†everything.¬†But they do need our support. Partnership is key!
  • Africans (or at least the ones I met) our passionate about education.¬†
  • Africans never answer your questions directly. I hate that, but it is what it is. They think differently.¬†
  • Africans do community well…Like really well.¬†
  • Local Africans Christian leaders need to connect and become a voice for Africa. They don’t want to learn theology & missiology from the West only. So be on the lookout for some amazing theologians to emerge from Africa in the next decade.¬†
  • Africans have an amazing¬†ability¬†to serve their visitors.¬†
  • Identity¬†is a huge issue-Not all Africans are alike, they come from various countries that have many different¬†world views.¬†
  • Africans drive crazy ūüôā
  • Africans are beautiful people who have endured many ups and downs…But they laugh, smile, eat, play, dream, hope and struggle for a better future.¬†
  • Africans love football. But you knew that right.

Feel free to chime in and add your two cents.  



  1. Loved your sentence about doing community really well. We were blown away by our hosts when we were there. Hope you process and re-enter well, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So it sounds like your life wasn’t shattered…

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