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So I thought I would do the cheesy blog thing and share what I’m thankful for.

  • Family-I have such an amazing family. Both Necole and I grew up in extremely dysfunctional families. We’ve worked hard to create a healthy family unit. God has blessed us.
  • Health-My mom past away with cancer when I was 21. We lost Necole’s brother a few years ago to an accident. So when I speak of health I truly mean it.
  • Community-I very fortunate to have many supportive friends. I just wish we could all live in the same city (Austin would be fine) and do life together on a day-to-day basis.
  • Jobs-Necole and I both love our jobs.
  • Purpose-I do my best to live life with a sense of divine destiny. Life is too short to live any other way.
  • Life-Life is amazing…Good food, good wine, good coffee, good conversations, good music, good movies, good scenery, good cities, good people and many other “good” things that make life good. I want to embrace every moment. When my life ends I hope I have no regrets.
  • Of course God-I still remember the first time I heard the story of Jesus. Life simply became authentic for me. The past 17 years I’ve growth to know Jesus and scripture, I have learned to “trust” theology and I do think Jesus offers us “the best possible life.” Which does not mean easy or cheesy or wealth or health…But purpose, conviction, service and repentance.
  • Hope-For many across the world this holiday will not be one to remember. Suffering, war, poverty, disease and many other global issues that are so big and huge and complicated. Yet I have hope…And if you mix a little bit of faith and love then you can also be thankful even in the midst of chaos.

So to all of my family and friends, those I know and don’t know-cheers. Have a blessed day and go with God.


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