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This has been a crazy week. I got a total of 6 hours of sleep Friday & Saturday. Last night Necole and I attended a c-mas party. It was awesome, I love hanging out with non-religious folks. Of course when you first meet people usually the first questions is “what do you do for work” and my response is “I’m a pastor” and then they have a complex look. Oh you are…Cool. Anyhow I was able to share a lot about my trip to Africa. I told a bunch of businesses dudes my hope of raising $150,000 to build an orphanage. Just start I would plant some seeds. They would all ask me why I went, my response, “because that what Jesus would do.” People are willing to discuss Jesus, they are curios, they are looking for authentic conversations and not pushy sales approaches.

This morning I spoke at Vista. I thought it went well. Lot’s of tears as I spoke of my dream to raise $150,000. I had a bunch of people come to me with many fund-raising idea’s and a lot of folks that are ready to help. Oh ya. Also Kayla created a great video-so many amazing pictures.

I’m ready to go back to Africa. If I had my way I would leave tomorrow. But that’s not my role. I got money to raise 🙂

This week I hope to take some time and develope the Zim 150 plan. More to come soon. Man I can’t wait.

Now on a real serious note: The Raiders won 2 straight games against our most hated rivals-the KC and Denver. I think John blocked me from iChat 🙂 Wow, I just expect them to lose-so when they win it’s a bit if a shock.

Hope your week went well.


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