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I’m really trying to cut out the “voices” in my head. I spent some time wondering  how much energy and effort do I give to certain aspects of my life.

So here are some things that I’m cutting out for a season.

  • Blogs: Too many can be a bad thing. I can spend way to much time and energy. So many great bloggers, but I had to cut some. If you’re a friend or live in Austin, then I will keep reading. I think I’m going to cut 50%.
  • Books on Church: I think we can read so much that we actually get over-loaded with ideas and info. I want to read some biographies, personal/spiritual growth books etc. No more “this is how you do church books!”
  • Internet: My laptop had become a virtual chain. Wherever I go, so goes my laptop. I’m going to do my best to stay away from the net as much as possible.
  • Procrastination: I want to have a laser focus, work hard and be productive. I can’t accomplish this if I procrastinate.
  • TV: Necole and I only watch a handful of shows. Heroes, Criminal Minds & Chuck. That basically it. And that is good.
  • Social Networking: I’m still debating this. I hate Myspace and Facebook. I love Virb. I think I will have to keep Facebook (I almost deleted it last week) but I think its worthwhile. I wish Virb would catch on more. I want a simple, yet effective site. I don’t care about pirates and 100,000 applications. Content is king, all the crap gets in the way.

Anyhow-just some simple ways to make sure I prioritize and connect with God, my family and friends. I hope my mind will be clear and I can get some more rest. We shall see.

Those are some practical ways to uncluttered my mind…At least for a season.

Do you need to do the same? If so, how…What can you do to simplify?



  1. good thoughts…I have recently determined to turn my wifi off at key times…

  2. If you unsubscribe from me, I’m totally going to talk about you…a lot.

  3. Dodson-Ya, I’m doing the same.


    Bro, you do fall under the “friends” blog…So you can’t talk about me. Plus you don’t blog much anymore-so, I mean-its not that much time 🙂

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