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For those who have emailed me in regards to the next Africa trip we are taking…Let me just say I hope to nail down some dates in the next 2-3 weeks. My goal is summer of 2008. Necole and I may take an extended trip-say a month or so. At this point we’re not really for sure. I also have two dudes praying about taking an extended trip to Cape Town.

Hopefully we will have raised a lot of money for the Zimbabwe orphanage. Look for a website soon and ways to help. Necole has a client who heard the story and wants me to speak to her churches small groups and they are going to raise some funds.

I’m hoping this Jan or Feb to do an art show here in Austin. Actually, I would love to take the art show nationally. Who knows.

God is doing some amazing things in regards to the Help End Local Poverty organization. I got folks wanting to be involved and they are excited about the vision.  We are currently working on the non-profit status and a website should be in the works soon. I got some crazy wild ideas. Details to come.

There is a chance that I may be going to Egypt and Sudan this March. This is not confirmed, but if you want to come let me know. I will be taking a small team and you would have to do your own fund-raising. Also, I would ask that you commit to long-term partnership and not a one-time trip if possible. Again, this trip is still in the works and a ton of details need to be worked out.

Please continue to pray for these opportunities.


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