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Rodriguez finalizes $275M deal with Yankees…WOW!

I’m pretty sure they wanted to can this cat after the 2006 season. I know A-Rod is a stud, he puts up insane stats…But let’s be honest. He’s a “momma’s boy who has NEVER won ANYTHING.” After all these years, why pay him this much cash, so maybe he can break a bunch of records in the future? Makes no sense to me.



  1. The reason why breaking records in the future makes sense – is because the Yankees will make way more than $275 million off of jerseys and merchandise with his number on it.

    I guess it’s more of an “invesment” to make more money – vs. – keeping a player that will bolster your roster to win games (although he’ll do that too)

  2. Yea. That is just nuts.

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