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The good news:

So today we celebrated my mother-in-laws 50th birthday. We took her out to dinner at Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill for some gourmet country food. Afterwards we hit up Halcyon Coffee Bar for some smores and coffee. Um, so good. We had lots of fun and I feel stuffed like a teddy bear!

The bad news:

I may lose my fantasy football game to Mangum. Of course this is the playoffs-so this is not a good thing. I’m up 12 points and he has Adrian Peterson playing tomorrow. I pray Adrian gets the flu tonight 🙂

It would suck to have the best recored all year and lose in the playoffs to a team full of scrubs!


One Comment

  1. i am up by 7 with my opponent having barrium and owen or olsen whoever the bears tight end is.

    i also have westbrook who sat down on the one and in the process kicked me in the junk. good thing T.O. came through clutch for me.

    i cant believe that happend. i would be up 13. if i lose by 12 or less, im protesting.

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