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So Jeff and I got back from our retreat. Basically we spent 2 days trying to develop a plan for 2008. Which includes our yearly teaching calender, discipleship map, leadership development plan and any other plan one can think of.

A few thoughts:

  • Being portable kinda sucks. Space is always an issue.
  • It’s complex to solve all the moving parts that go into ministry. So many issues and personalities that have to mesh.
  • Money: You have to always figure out the money issue. When do you take a step of faith? Are we being wise. Assessing risk is vital.
  • Gifting: Are we doing what we are gifted to do?
  • Focus is really big for us. How do we have a laser sharp focus?
  • What culture are we creating? Is our culture safe? Is our culture chaotic? Or is our culture one of mission and Spirit led living and planning.
  • Are we having fun? If not then something is just not right.

I guess I could go on..It’s really a never ending list. As I process our vision, strategy, systems etc. I think everything comes back to life-change. We have to see life change. People finding God, marriages being restored, broken relationships being mended…It’s really about transformation. If Austin and the people who live here, those we minister too are not being transformed them something is just not right, mission is not happening.

Therefore, every decision we make is based on the conviction of “will this decision help bring transformation?”


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  1. Love it. We are going on a retreat in Jan to do the same thing.

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