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This morning I was able to hang with Necole for a bit. Then I hit the malls to finish start my x-mas shopping. This is the first time I’ve been to the mall since my trip to Africa. I spoke a few weeks ago at Vista and I shared a stat I read from Relevant Magazine. This Christmas holiday people will spend 450 billion on presents, yet it would only take 10 billion to provide clean water for the entire world-um, can you say reality check!
As I shopped I could not help but be so frustrated. Why, because in my mind their are faces of children, I can see their smile, feel their skin and remember their hugs. While in Zimbabwe I remember one kid in particular. He did not say one word the entire time we were at his orphanage. But he would not let go of me…I carried him, held his hand, asked him questions-nothing. Then I told him I had to go. And he finally said something to me…

“Can I go with you?”

I had to walk away as I was close to literally breaking down. I know there are millions of kids just like him. Many are in Africa, plenty are in Austin-wherever you live there is someone in need. They need help, the crave love and they have no family. Thank God for those who sacrifice to love, help and give to those in need.

So today as I bought gifts for my family I had this strange tension…Not guilt, but love. So please do me a favor this holiday season. Help somebody somewhere. Give your time, money or maybe something around your house that you no longer use but could be used by another family in need.

I love what the prophet Issiah said:

“Seek to do good.”

Those are words to live by.



  1. yes. beautifully put.

  2. right on bro!

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