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The New Year seems to bring a fresh perspective on life. Usually we try to determine our priorities and goals. I’m not making any resolutions because I almost always fail at them. But I will look ahead and try to determine if I’m prioritizing my life in a way that honors God. So here are some questions I’m asking for 2008.

1. Am I honoring God with my life?

2. How much money do I want to give away. If there is one thing I don’t want to be is a person who makes money and has nothing to show for it. How can I get my money to work for the Kingdom of God and not the kingdom of Chris? Of course this does not mean I feel guilty for having good things. But what I do want to do is look at my finances and get a big picture perspective. So I’m going to determine how much to give away. And then I can learn how to live off the rest. I’ve debated if I should reveal a figure or not.  All I can say is this…I want to be a giver, I want to live more simple and yet I know reality exist. So I won’t feel guilty for the blessing that God has given me, yet I won’t feel ashamed if I squander those funds on my own guilty pleasures.

I will post more tomorrow.

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