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Still trying to get back into the groove of life.

2007 was a great year for me and my family. I thought I would take some time to highlight the year and thank God for His goodness.

I was hired at Vista. It’s been a fun and wild ride the past year. Vista has a ton of potential and lot of great people. Can’t wait too see what God has in store for our community in 2008.

I married both of my sister-in-laws. That was fun and sad. I’m getting older.

The Red Sox won another world series. I starting following the Red Sox in 1998 and I’ve been able to see two championships…Very lucky!

We finally broke down and got the girls a dog. A boxer pup. She rocks.

I took my first international trip to S. Africa and Zimbabwe. The best way to describe my 11 day trip would be amazing. I think about the friends I met their daily.

I’m sure I forgot some things…But for the most part these are the events that jump out to me. I really think 2007 was a foundation year for me and my family, especially after 2006 which was a disaster year for us.

When you look back on 2007 what are you thankful for?


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