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Had an amazing meeting last night with LS and SW about Help End Local Poverty. We have some cool things in the works and I cannot wait to reveal them all. At this point it’s hard to get my mind off this endeavor.

Our main goal this year is to build an orphanage in Zimbabwe. I can already see it in my mind. I just can’t wait for it to become a reality. It will happen.

This has been such an awkward week for me. My Macbook had some issues so the local Apple store is fixing it. (Apple haters stop smiling) I’m completely lost without my computer. Jeff told me I needed some Ritalin, which coming from Jeff is not a good thing. That boy can’t set through a 20 minute meeting without breaking down. Anyhow,  I have not been able to sleep, focus, study or read. Not sure what is up. Maybe next week will be better.

Although this week has been good and productive. We (Jeff and I) spent some time working through our deacon process and we have asked 5-6 people to be official deacons at the Vista. This is such a good thing and it feels great to finally move forward. We’ve been trying to make this happen for 6 months.

In other news…It looks like I will be free from orchestrating our Sunday gatherings at the Vista. We’ve officially brought on a quasi-staff member (can you say free) new/old person to handle these responsibilities.  I will handle the big picture, but not the day-to-day stuff that I suck at. So this Sunday the whole world will know-but of course it will be anti-climatic as this dude already is a key part of our church.

I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year. I’m a big picture guy…But I suck at daily details. I get so bored. I wish I could network all week and start new ventures.  I love to plan, stratagize, create processes and empower people. I can’t stand the day-in-and-day-out stuff-oh the boredom. This is why I love working on a team.

I’ve never felt such a peace about my role in any kind of work. I feel like I’m doing exactley what I was called to do, with people who I want to work with and do life. Can’t ask for much more then that.


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