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Today was a very long day…Lot’s of meetings, prayers, thoughts etc. Its days like today that help me to understand that ministry is really about trusting God and not relying on self.

Yesterday was amazing at church. JCB rocked the house as usual and Mangum spoke a great message on the gospel.  We also had a packed house and we had to add some chairs. My kinda of day.

As for me-well let’s just say God is good even when you have bad days. I should have just stayed home. I’ve been a mini-funk the past few days and I just can’t break out of it-soon hopefully!

For my Dallas peeps. I will be there this Wed & Thurs. Hanging with my boy and lawyer Jeff Foust trying to hammer out all the non-profit paperwork for Help End Local Poverty. So hit me up and let’s hang.


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