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Doing Away with Preaching.




  1. This comment “Preaching as it is practised in modern churches is extra-biblical, a poor form of communication, and creates dependency.” is too general. In the church I attend, all of the pastoral staff preach topically relevant sermons that are Biblically centered and exegetically correct. So for the author to lump us all together weakens his argument. Is it a fair criticism of many modern churches? Sure. But much of what is current in many modern churches is extra-biblical. Perhaps the question should be is it non-biblical, or anti-biblical.

  2. I think preaching is overemphasized in our churches today, but it is still a useful tool. I think this also applies to the musical aspect of worship as well. Actually, I guess what I’m trying to say is that Sunday mornings are overemphasized. This is why we have a lot of people (including me) ‘going to church’ instead of ‘being the church.’

  3. Nice thoughts everyone…

    I see a big issue in interpretation. It’s not always easy to modernize the gospel and church structure (preaching, evangelism, church government etc). Hopefully we are all doing are best to faithful to scripture and yet engage culture.

    I do agree with Aaron-we focus a bit too much on Sunday experience.

  4. I have to agree and I have struggled with this for a while… I think preaching (as we now know it) is basically second-hand revelation and does create dependency. But, since I feed my family from my ability to preach (and minister), I’m not sure what else we could do to take its place. I think this is where experiential worship comes in to play.

    Good post.

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