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OK…Moving on from the creepy bloggers post. For those who asked here are my stats via WordPress for the past 13 months. (see below)
As of now I’ve gotten close to 250 hits today. If your a “normal” blogger like me it takes a long-time to build any sort of readership. (outside of friends) I’m a co-pastor/Elder of a 120 member church plant in Austin TX. I’ve spoken at ZERO conferences, I’ve wrote ZERO books and I sing about as good as Hillary cries at a coffee shop therefore I have ZERO albums to my credit. (Well, I do have one rap album I recorded back in the day, but that’s another story.)

Here is what I do know. I represent the majority of church planters/missional thinkers. Therefore I’ve been able to connect with folks all across the globe. Of course I do consider myself something like blog pimp as I link to interesting stories like Driscoll/Bell controversy etc. I’ve gotten 4000 hits off that one link alone.

I have no strategy when it comes to blogging. I think-I blog-I regret-and I rarely blog for more then 3-5 minutes for any given post)

Therefore my blog is very random at best. But I have lot’s of fun and I love looking back over previous posts and laughing at myself and also seeing some cool things God has done.

Now I wish my friends who write and think better then me (like KN & SM & JC) would actually blog more. Or my other friend who leads worship at mega-churches and has worship albums that rock and lead at passion conferences like (JDA) would stop blogging about travel trips to random places 30 times a year and add some real legit content to their blog because all these guys are better then me.

I think I just digressed???

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Blog Stats

Total Views: 42,543

Best Day Ever: 391

Views today: 225


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  1. Yeah Ken….blog more.

  2. if i do that i get fired. duh.

  3. Have a strategy. Bring focus to your blog. Or, stop blogging.

    Thank you for complaints about bloggers’ aimless wanderings. Encourage them to stop blogging.

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