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One of the big shifts I’m trying to make in my life and ministry is trying to understand the gospel and mission in a global context. As I pastor at Vista and make personal life choices I do that within a global framework. How does my decisions impact the world?

As much as I know that America needs the gospel…I also know if our world is going to change America is not the most vital aspect of that change. I do think America can help lead and propel change. And I can’t stand it when people claim that God called them to America therefore they feel like they should not focus on other aspects of the world.

This changes how I view everything. How many people that attend my church on Sunday is not what drives me. Having a cool Sunday service is not what drives me…I do think these are very important indicators that can help judge effectiveness. But what truly drives me is seeing a personal become completely transformed by the gospel in such a way that they deeply care about making the gospel known and they are willing to work and sacrifice and become the “hands and feet” of Jesus to the entire globe.

If you’re not familiar with Bob Roberts I would suggest you take some time and study this dude. He just gets it. He penned two really great books Transformation & Glocalization.

Anyhow you can get a great glimpse of what he is doing if you read this post.

This is the type of work that I want to spend the rest of my life doing, it’s glocal for me, I want to impact America but I also want to impact the world. Its one-in-the-same. I don’t want to be a comfortable minister who gets paid to to create comfortable churches under the cloak of mission. Our world and global Christian brothers and sisters need us. They need us to love them, care for them, support them and learn from them.


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