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I’m currently hanging out at The Flightpath Coffee House in Hyde Park. I gotta say the naked pictures on the ceiling are making me a bit uncomfortable at the moment and the grouchy barista is somewhat funny and frustrating-we come to cafes to enjoy life right?

Charles and I hung out and caught up on all things church and Austin, fun times for sure. I really feel alive when I come to the city, I love the people, the creativity and yet it’s so obvious that we live in such a broken and fractured world. I feel like we pastors are on the edge trying to grab the hands of those who are falling and struggling and feeling hopeless. We want to create communities of faith-men and women who refuse to allow their city to be far from God.

My prayer this morning was this: “God allow me to live in the mess of this world and somehow help people find the real Jesus.” The Jesus that brings redemption, love, grace and hope.  What if we lived our entire life based on that prayer? Our time, money, gifts, material possessions, homes, businesses etc. What if we did that? Do you get the feeling that God is searching for people who will commit to that kind of living?

I want mission to be the core principle that drives everything I do.


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