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Last night a few of us got together to discuss the next steps for Help End Local Poverty. I can’t tell you how stoked I am about this vision. I have some extremely talented folks who are volunteering their time to help make this dream a reality.

My goal for this organization is simple. I want to raise 5 million dollars in the next 5 years. When I tell that to some people they stare at me in confusion…Like I’m dumb or something. While others ask how they can help. It’s a big dream for sure, its going to take a lot of work and sacrifice. God is going to have to perform miracles. I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen.

There are so many amazing organizations…Invisible Children, Kiva, Compassion, World Vision, Servlife etc. But we need a lot more. While those organizations are doing work that is beyond this world the need is just simply massive.
So this morning I’m seeking God…Asking for miracles…Asking for partners…Asking for help. Sometime in February I will be able to release more info. But we do have some legitmate goals for 2008.

1. Raise money for an orphanage in Zimbabwe. Below is a picture with Steven and John. The land they are standing on has been donated. Maybe next year that land will have a building that will be filled with food, beds and kids. John already leads two orphanages and a church. He and his wife are amazing. They serve God will glad hearts and huge smiles while in the midst of a national crisis. I’m not sure how they do it.


2. Sponsor some kids in Cape Town so they can attend school. (They have to pay like $75 per month to attend school.)


3. Partner with Servlife to create a theological conference inwhich pastors from Africa will discuss theology, church and culture. At the same time pastors/leaders from America can attend, listen and create long-term partnerships with local African pastors. This is NOT American pastors training African pastors. This will be a time of collaboration, friendship and dialog. Below is picture of Mawethu who has a church on Cape Town U. He is raising-up young leaders who will shape the church in Africa for many years to come.

I need some pastors who are willing to go, listen and learn this summer.


Then there is Pastor Willie. Man, I love this guy. He has so much vision and passion for his community. Right now he is in the middle of building a new church. Of course this is not just a building that will be used on Sundays. This is a building that will bless the whole village. I hope to bring some teams out this summer. We need to raise some funds for supplies and we need some manpower to partner with the locals and complete this project. Plus Pastor Willie makes some kickbutt hot dogs.


All these projects are in partnership with Servlife & Steven & Amy. These cats are doing some great work and they need our help. They need partners who will hold-hands with our African brothers and sisters and journey together.

This is why I’m so pumped.


One Comment

  1. 1) I thought we vowed not to mention hot dogs again?
    2) Calling Steven & Amy “cats” reminded me of their temporary pet who lived behind the couch.
    3) I’m pumped!

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