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Charles, who is a good friend and local Austin pastor left a great comment on my ministry crisis post from yesterday. His thoughts:

“We met for coffee a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away at all that God is doing in and through you Chris! …don’t forget that there could be a “spiritual” side to your crisis – I am not a huge charismatic guy, but I do believe when the kingdom is advancing the enemy gets nervous…”

There is no question in my mind that we live in the middle of of a spiritual battle. The Bible is very clear on this issue, yet for some reason in our modern world we just really struggle to realize this. I so agree with Charles and last night his comment was a helpful reminder of that fact.

So today just remember that you walk in two realities. The natural and spiritual.

Thanks Charles for the reminder.



  1. You are welcome 🙂 The yoda in my head is saying, “One wise comment does not a wise man make” – I also emailed you today – check your spam folders…

  2. Great way to re-frame the crisis of ministry…good stuff!

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