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Today I created 3-4 posts on how most churches can’t reach the unchurched. I still need to finalize them before the go public.

Well tonight I read Gary Lamb’s post on the same topic. If you’re a church planter or pastor you really need to chew on these thoughts.

Bottom line, most churches don’t reach the unchurched. Pastor spend their entire week in the office, church members go to church, small group and church socials so there is no time to be with those who are far from God.

Therefore we become a community that is not on-mission and life-change is a rare commodity. This pisses me off and I’m the first to say I’m guilty.



  1. That was a great rant. On the money and revealing of the tension we can find ourselves in. I think the ‘cool church as reaching the lost’ statement is right on.

    It excites me and scares me that church planting is the new thing to do. In a few years I expect that we will begin to hear stories of dechurched Christians who have tried to be a part of several new church plants only to see them fail. They will repeatedly get excited by the vision and burned out by setting up chairs every week.

  2. Great post. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s very thought provoking. It makes me consider where our focus lies.

  3. Jacob,

    Nice thoughts, I so agree. We struggle with the same issue.


    I hope/pray every church wrestles with this question. How do we stay focused?

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