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This is one of “those” weeks that I’m not looking forward to. Well, I guess that is not true. Just have a ton of activity this week.

Monday: Elder Meeting-Help End Local Poverty Planning.

Tuesday: Staff Meeting-Sermon Prep-HELP meeting at night.

Wed: Leave for Dallas-4-5 meetings in Dallas.

Thur: Turbo Conf. w/Bob Roberts Jr.

Fri: Turbo Conf-Drive back to Austin

Saturday: Watch the girls-finalize sermon.

Sunday: Speak at Vista-Rest

Man I love it. I get to do what I love: Speak, learn and hang with people and find ways to to reach and help our world. Amazing.


One Comment

  1. Hey Chris, we probably won’t have a chance to get together before you head out Wednesday. I will hopefully see you at the Turbo Training.

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