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The Lord has really blessed the Help End Local Poverty Initiative, lots of great possibilities. I know I stand in a moment that is vital and I have to somehow seize this moment. That being said, It’s important for me to master time-management, which is not something I’m looking forward to.

So I need help from this blog audience. I have a question and I would love for your input.

Here it is. Do you take Monday or Friday off and why. Tell me what works better for you.



  1. Guard your time with God, Guard your time with your family. Our first ministry is to our wives and children, I know you know that, but it bears repeating. I need that reminder now and again.

    That being said, I take Fridays off for a few reasons. The weekend is so big and energy fuled for me that Monday becomes kind of a low energy day. Im definately not at my best. That works out good allowing me to do a run down of the weekend, catch up on necessary follow-up, spend time going over prayer requests and capturing the momentum and thoughts to lead into next weekend. Since Im not my best, being spent from the weekend, I don’t want to give my family second best. Friday’s come around, and Im ready to have that time with my family, they get my best, and we get to kick off our weekend together. I used to have Mondays but when I switched to Friday’s EVERYTHING functioned better.

  2. Hey Chris, at the phase I am currently in (no official duties on Sundays) I work M-F.

    But… I will take off Fridays. It is what I have done in the past when I had regular weekend requirements. I liked getting a head start on Monday. Doing some prep work for the upcoming weekend, getting with staff, planning the week. With the regularity of the weekend always looming I felt a day ahead. Put it this way, which will stress you out more: Finishing your weeks work and resting on Thursday, with 2.5 days till Sunday morning, or finishing on Friday with the weekend just a few short hours away. It also helped supporting staff. They are working on Mondays and waiting for me to set us rolling on the next week. Overall, it was just less stressful to start on it early. It also gives you two days in a row with your family.

    The ‘monday’ is probably because we are supposedly exhausted after the Sunday services. But should we be ‘exhausted’ after them? Should we be exhausted after celebrating Christ and coming together for fellowship? I would think we should be excited and encouraged. We might need to reexamine how we view our Sundays. (This might be different for the teaching pastor: My pastor, Matt Chandler, does 4+ sermons each weekend and he puts a lot of emotional/spiritual energy into it. His whole body and heart are in the game 4 times and it is exhausting for him. That is why we try to get ahead of the game the week before. He works on Mondays as a study/prayer day and takes Friday off)

  3. ya – fridays for me – there is something to be said for 2 days of rest in a row combined with being able to get the week started on monday instead of tuesday – if i start on tues i typically feel behind the eight ball so to speak.
    hope this helps…

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments. Very cool. I tend to like Fridays also. Sometimes Monday’s can be hard to get going. But I like Friday’s because I can get my stuff done and relax.

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