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Things are coming right along for Help End Local Poverty. Right now we are in the process of becoming an official non-profit, wrapping up our branding and launching a website. Their is a good chance that next week we can actually have something for the whole world to see. Keep your fingers crossed.

As of now we have three main projects we are working on. 100% of all that is given will go directly to these projects.

Project 1: Build an orphanage and farm in Zimbabwe. We need over $100,000 for this project. That should not be a problem. We serve a huge God, right?

Project 2: Help sponsor some of the coolest kids in the world. They live in Red Hill, which is located on the outskirts of Cape Town. We want to help send these kids to school so they can have an opportunity to become independent and self-sufficient. Education is vital, but it cost a lot of money.

Project 3: We are working with some local pastors in Cape Town to facilitate a theological think-tank for African pastors. I’ll have more about this later.

Of course we are partnering with Steven and Amy who work for Servlife.

I’m going to need a ton of prayer and help. So why don’t you take a moment right now and pray. Ask God to use this grassroots movement to be a blessing to our world, and maybe you can ask God what role you can play in the process.




  1. You and your new ministry have been prayed for Chris. I am excited to hear how God answers our prayers.

  2. id be interested in helping with project 3. I have read a fair amount of african theology and missiology is a strength.

  3. I emailed you about this today… We are getting close to pulling the trigger on the poker tourney for charity. Touch base soon…

  4. Hey guys, thanks for the prayers…


    I will get more info to you soon.


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