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As we continue to move forward with Help End Local Poverty I wanted to actually take some time to stop and pause. This morning I’ve been asking myself some really key questions:

  • How do I allow Jesus to be the leader. Ultimately my biggest role is to obey Him in all things.
  • I know spiritual battles will take place and I want to be aware of that.
  • In order to raise 5 million in 5 years it’s going to take some major sacrifice and leadership-I’m not where I need to be as a leader and follower of Jesus. What do I need to do to position myself to be that guy who can accomplish the vision?
  • How does this organization engage the city of Austin and propel global church planting movements.

So…here is what I’m asking. This Monday and Tuesday I’m going to fast for Help End Local Poverty. Will you join me? Can you fast one meal or maybe one day? If so please leave a comment.

Monday I will blog some prayer request. And if you have some personal prayer needs, feel free to leave them in the comments and I will post them so we can pray together for our needs.

Let me know if you’re on board.


One Comment

  1. I’m in!

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