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This past week our 1994 Nissan Pathfinder decided to die. Necole and I have been praying/thinking about purchasing a new (used) car. But we really hate the entire process and we can’t stand car payments. But my car had 160,000 miles on it and Necole’s car has close to 200,000. Not good.

So the hunt was on for a new used car. We wanted a Honda Element, which fits our vibe. We started looking for some used Elements but Honda’s don’t really depreciate.  We wanted a car with low miles so it can last a long time. So we went to the dealership and found some really great deals on a brand-spanking new Element. So we went ahead and purchased one. Kinda of crazy-it’s such a fun car. So much room inside, yet the car is small.

I’m glad the process is over. I’m excited we actually have a decent vehicle. And I love the fact that I no longer get 13 miles per gallon like my Nissan.

Next: I want to word-wrap the Element with Help End Local Poverty info. We shall see.



  1. Welcome to the E club! What color E did you get? Did you go for the one color new ones or stay with the original two tone?

  2. Yeah buddy. Welcome to the Element Family!

  3. well, I have named DK’s element the “brave little toaster” so I have to come with a name for yours… how about the “sox box” ? that name would actually fit either of your cars, I’m sure. what do you think?

  4. hope you are enjoying it! We just got news that our car is about to blow. 180,000 on a honda crv. It has served us well. where did you buy? did you get a good deal?

  5. TBGC,

    I got all black one-tone.


    Red Sox and Element..Nice.


    Dude you are so funny. Sox Box, nice.


    I’m enjoying it-until the payment comes. I bought at First Honda in central Austin. Sales guy was awesome-I can hook you up with his name if you want?

  6. Sure, thanks

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