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John Chandler is a good friend from Seattle. You may already know John, he is the man behind PlanterPlanet & Creativityist . John currently attends Mars Hill Grad School and pastors at Pathways Church in which he helped pioneer along with good friend Dean.

John is in the process of moving to Austin to start a new faith community this summer. You can follow his church planting journey here.

If you’re a pastor/minister here in Austin please do me a favor and head over to John’s blog (pick one sucker) and say hello.

Also, pray for John and his family as they transition, raise funds and most of all deal with the reality that they can no longer go to Zoka to drink coffee. Of course they could always bring some Zoka to Austin this summer to give to their good friends who already reside here. Just saying.

I told my daughter about the Chandler’s movin to Austin last night at dinner. Her response…”Dad, I’m no longer going to Vista, I’m going to Macy’s dad’s new church.” 🙂



  1. No Zoka?

    Never mind the whole thing then.

  2. JC,

    Just warning you…You know. It’s harder then you think. Never mind the beautiful mountains, deep blue water and not humidified air. But you will see the sun.

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