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  • Vista was rocking again this morning. Time to buy some new chairs.
  • It’s spring in Austin. Which meant some flag-football after church.
  • Flag-football means bath with Epsom salt.
  • Oscars are sucking right now. Well, except for the “once” duo.
  • Busy Busy Busy week ahead.
  • I totally exhausted. I hit the wall yesterday afternoon. And I’m still struggling.
  • While working yesterday on HELP stuff. I finally got the vision I needed. I think God spoke to me in the middle of the cafe. This is the “it” idea I needed and I really think we can raise more then five million in five years.
  • Its so encouraging to see so many churches working on social justice issues. God is really doing something.
  • As much as I love Bono, I don’t want people to think of him when they think of an ambassador for global poverty issues. I hope that will be reserved for Jesus and His church.
  • I’m going to take some time off soon. I need a day or two to chill.
  • I turn 35 this Saturday. I heard 35 is the new 15. So I’m done now and I’m going to play some Halo.


  1. Every muscle in my body is sore today…
    ‘Once’ duo was awesome.

  2. I’m still sore and it’s Tuesday evening. BITTER.

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