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The past few months we’ve hit a grow spurt at Vista. We were running in the high 80’s or low 90’s. The past few weeks we’ve been hitting 120-130. I guess we are not quite “mega” but we are moving forward. Here are some reasons why I think we are moving forward:

  • Simplicity: We are focused on a few things and that is it. Some get mad that we don’t have all the other programs. But for us it’s all about staying focused.
  • Missional: Yes its a buzzword. But we are truly trying to drive this word home. It’s not about Sunday, or numbers…It’s about mission. We want to have an “outward” focus.
  • Worship: When you live in Austin, music is vital to culture. We decided to have great worship every Sunday. That decision has cost us a lot from a budget perspective. But the ROI is well worth it. We now have a balanced team that can focus and our worship is awesome every Sunday.
  • Organization: We’ve tried to keep things simple so we can keep things organized. Jeff and I pretty much suck at this so it’s vital that we keep working on it.
  • Volunteers: We had a few key volunteers step up and really lead some key elements of our church. This has been huge.
  • Creativity: We added some really good creative elements to our gatherings. Sermon bumpers, video testimony’s and we’ve also “darkened” the gym, which has helped tremendously.
  • HELP: This has really gotten folks excited. Is there any way a small church can launch a non-profit that raises missions of dollars for those who are in need. We shall find out.
  • Marketing: We’ve done zero marketing. We just ask people to invite friends.

We are far from perfect, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface on all the possibilities. But it feels good to move forward and see fruit.


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