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Yes, I’m 35. I’ve had lots of conversations about age lately. I do feel older, but not old. Growing up I really never considered being 35. Most of my friends are in prison or not alive. We had no long-term perspective. Daily survival was our goal.

After I became a Christ-follower. I had many dreams. I thought I would accomplish a lot more by now. When I was a businesses dude in my 20’s working for’s, I thought for sure I would be a millionaire by now. (my target was 32). I wanted to finish my Master’s by 35. I wanted three kids and I only have two.

When I planted a church in Raleigh. I thought for sure we would do that for life. Of course we didn’t.
When I moved to Seattle last summer (my fav city in America BTW) I thought for sure we would live there for a long time. Ha, only a few months. Just enough to get addicted to Zoka and get my Real Estate License and meet some amazing friends like the Hudson’s, the Chandler’s and Nussbaum clan.

So on many levels I’ve accomplished more then I ever imagined. I’ve also failed more then I ever imagined. But here is what I do know. I’m totally at peace with both ends of the spectrum. I’m not bothered by either.

So yes I’m older. But I feel young. And I truly think the next 35 will be a lot better then the previous 35. I desire to be wiser and I want to see the Kingdom on a fuller scale. But I love the journey, I enjoy the process and I take one day at a time.

God I hope 36 does not come anytime soon…


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  1. you are the man and i am proud to call you friend.

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