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Thank goodness the weather is back to normal. 70 and sunny. Yesterday was freaking cold. 40’s. Whoa!

Hanging at Starbuck’s returning email before I take a bike ride.

Thinking about adding some weekly basketball to my schedule. Maybe Saturdays or Monday nights. Good chance to blow off some steam. They use to call me Magic back in the day. 🙂 Plus I’m ready to school Mangum. He talks to much b-ball trash. If I was not 5’7 1/2 and 240 (ish) I would have gotten a scholarship too. Plus the older Mangum says the younger Mangum is overrated. I need to find out. Here comes the shoulder….

Looking for a place to live. (not Cape Town, all my friends think we are moving to Cape Town, I wonder why?) Way stressed about this decision. I so deeply want to live downtown. (ish) Chandler called me a whiner a few weeks ago. I’m sorry. I should be at Flipnotics, or Ruta Maya or Progress or Flightpath or Austin Java or  or Clementine’s or Drago’s or Genuine Joe’s. But I’m at S’bux. Yes, I’m whining. Do you have no mercy?

I voted last week. Now I have to “caucus” tonight. Crap, where do I go to do that? Lame process.

I miss the ocean. I will always miss the ocean.

The momentum for Help End Local Poverty has somewhat stopped. Got to get it going again.

It’s tattoo time. When, where, what….Does it really hurt? I’m so scared.

I think San Antonio is still the team to beat in the West. But my Lakers look so good, they are so fun to watch.

Is Clinton done after tonight. I think Obama takes TX, HC take Ohio.  But neither win by much.

Ok, bike ride time.



  1. mangum – i cant lie, marlow is for real on the court – you should be scared.

    tim duncan is the best fo sho!

    its about time you came around for the tat!! no, it doesnt hurt that much…

  2. let us all not forget that mangums nickname is the mad bomber.

    it could also be mr. glass or acl.

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