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It can’t be Thursday already. No way. Amazing!

I made a huge mistake and accepted a meeting at the last second with my friend Parma and his friend Mark. See, today I’m suppose to hammer out my message for Sunday…But Mark is a missionary in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a very strategic location as Muslims make their way from N. Africa into Europe. According to Mark more the 600,000 Muslims come into Spain every year and many are Muslim missionaries. That is a big deal. We need to pray that God does something amazing in Europe. So now my juices are flowing and I can’t get my mind off of the conversation that we were having.  It takes me forever to get myself into “sermon” mode. Once I get the flow I’m good, but who knows when that flow will come.

And for all my good Austin friends, I just want to let you know I’m currently at  “Its A Grind Cafe” in Cedar Park. 🙂 😦

Love all of you!


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  1. Chris, it was good to see you for a moment at Kerbey Lane, even if it was the one on 183 😉

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