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This time next week Mangum and I will be flying across the pond to Cairo Egypt. Surreal. Our hotel is on the Nile and we get to hang and learn from local pastors. I wonder how my Biblical understanding will change? So much of the Biblical story is based in Egypt, from a teaching/understanding perspective, I’m sure I will benefit greatly.

Also, if you care about the future of Christianity, you will deeply care about our brothers and sisters who live and ministers in dominant Muslim cultures. I don’t want to sound “anti-Muslim” because I’m not.  I want to serve along-the-side with my Muslim friends to make our world a better place. But for many of these folks they do not have the freedom to follow Jesus like I do. Therefore they take huge risks to serve Jesus and the church and share the gospel with Muslims who respect Jesus as a prophet but deny His deity.

So please pray for us. Pray that God will create some great conversations and friendship, pray that we can encourage our brothers and sisters who follow Jesus as they are the few. Pray that somehow we can serve the people of Egypt and that by living and serving they will see the light of Jesus.

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