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Last night Necole and I met with the family and ate some Mighty Fine Burgers. After the grub we headed out to do a mini-tour of Austin in hopes of trying to find a place to live as our lease is up and we are looking to buy a home this summer.
Our first stop was the Hyde Park Neighborhood, which we LOVE. But the 2 bed 1 bath home that was selling for $350,000 was small and pricey. Then we headed to E. Austin to check out some new developments. Gotta love the possibilities to minister in this area. Gentrification is currently taking place so there is a mix of the “old” and “new.” New lofts down the street from projects like Booker T. Washington. We do worry about the public schools. But man this is a cool spot with some great possibilities. But the home prices are already getting high.

We also spent some time in N. Central Austin. Which is also cool and close in proximity to all the things we love to do. But again, the house prices are going sky high. And since I can’t fix a flat on a bike, there is no way I can purchase an old home and redo it unless I pay major cash that I don’t currently have.

Of course we may still stay in the “burbs,” who knows. I’m sure there are many more “Its A Grinds” planned in the near future. Stop laughing-I know who you are.
Necole is looking to start a salon somewhere, so we have to think through her clients issues, then we have school issues, then maybe launching a church and of course a cost-of-living issues. And above all that, where do we want to live for the next 15 years.

So fun…



  1. Silly boy – you want to live in Cape Town! 🙂

  2. 350,000 = Pricey???
    Try living in SoCal. You couldn’t get a condo in the ghetto for that even in the current crisis.

  3. Renting is the only way to make it happen at this time in our area. It isn’t optimal, and we have fears of getting priced out of our community, but it gets us to the people that God is calling us to reach. Is there a people group that God is putting on your heart?

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