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Necole and I spent a few hours last night researching E. Austin schools. For the most part they are improving, but at the same time they really need some help. Some schools are only getting half of their students to pass reading exams, compared to 90% in our current school district.  I think this has to do with the kids personal home life as opposed to the schools not doing well. But I’m not for sure, or it may be both.

This poses a very large question. How do we help while at the same time not put our kids in position to fail? I don’t have answers to this question. Living close to the city is expensive, a little more dangerous  and has some complications that are not easy to overcome. There are lot’s of tensions that need resolve to say the least. We are going to look into private schools and charter schools.



  1. Can you send me that research?

  2. Check out this place. It is called the Discovery School it is in East Austin off of 969 which I think is the same thing as MLK. Its on the outskirts of the city limits but that is because the curiculum encourages so much hands on/outdoors stuff they need the space. I get a lot of leads on elementary charter/private schools for the kids at the preschool I work at as they transition out to kindergarten I’ll pass on what I know.

  3. Also check out Hyde Park Baptist Church’s schools in Central Austin

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