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My girls are on spring break. So I’m trying to spend quality time with them before I head to the Middle-East.

Yesterday one of our friends from Necole’s work was on babysitting duty. She asked my girls want they wanted to do and they responded with the children’s museum and cafe downtown (Halcyon)-not what she was expecting.

Today J Cofield took them to the park. Then they went to a nursing home. Bailey was able to play the guitar for the seniors and she loved it. Of course after that they went to the park for a lunch.

Tonight we headed downtown to hang with the S & T Wade. We found a very cool dog-park off of 6th St which was rad. Then we got our grub-on at Galaxy Cafe. Good food and vibe. After we headed to Whole Foods and ate gelato on the roof-which includes a nice playground.

As a father I wish I could slow down time, but I can’t. So I try to do my best to create memorable moments.

Fun times for all.


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  1. I laughed when I read this because when I was about Bailey’s age I went and played piano at a nursing home and that was entirely what lead me to do music therapy now..I pretty much knew then that I loved playing music for old people, sick people, and people whose spirits can be lifted by a good tune and the fact anyone can play music weather they think they can or not…brought back some good memories!

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