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I spoke Sunday and I want to thank everyone for the great feedback. Whenever you speak on a topic such as “being a fool for Christ-sake” you wonder how the response will be. So far so good.
When I speak I always ask myself key questions:

1. Did I teach proper theology?

2. Was I engaging and or compelling?

3. Did the listener sense my passion and love for them, the topic and the text?

4. Can the listener take the message and apply it asap. For many of us “formal” leaders we love “deep” teaching. But for most church-goers they really rely on us (for better or worse) to help them understand scripture and apply it to their daily living.

5. Was I honest and authentic. (This past Sunday I told the story of me lying to some lady about being a dog psychologists, because the lady told me I was “over-training” my dog. This incident happened years a few months ago.)

6. Did I prepare the sermon, pray and let the Spirit lead? I never look at notes when I speak. I just flow. So I try to memorize the outline. Usually I plan an outline in the beginning of my sermon prep. Then I prepare a manuscript. Then I create a “speaking” outline that I take on the stage. Just in case I get lost in the middle of the message. I usually rehearse my message 2 times before I speak and I try to have the key text memorized.

My goal of speaking is not to just share. I want to let the message penetrate deep into my spirit.


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