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It feels good to be home. International travel is hard. But I totally love it. I love being out of my comfort zone, allowing the Holy Spirit to stretch me, building new friendships, learning new cultures and seeing the Kingdom of God move in ways that are foreign to me yet so beautiful and encouraging.
We had no net access. So I could not post much, that was a major bummer.

I learned so much. Cairo is crazy. 20 million people in one ancient city equals pure chaos. Traffic is outlandish and scary. But the people of Egypt are beautiful. They face many struggles that are hard to understand or comprehend. For instance:

  • there may be over two million street kids,
  • the economy is in complete shambles with inflation increasing by 30% every year.
  • there is a current bread shortage in government subsidize programs. (think no food stamps for the poor)
  • pollution is off-the-charts.

The local church faces many challenges, yet they also have some amazing opportunities in front of them. Pray for Egypt and the local church. I will be posting more on this at a later time.

Now it’s time to hang with my girls.


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  1. welcome home!

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