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Trying to get going after a week in Egypt and Easter service yesterday at church. Needless to say I’m a bit exhausted and at the same time totally excited about life and ministry. Yesterday at The Vista was amazing. The Justin Cofield Band did such a great job, the set list was perfect. Jeff’s message was on target and the media team did great with a video on Com Group and the resurrection. The place was packed and the energy was high. God is doing something special and good at The Vista.

Part of our DNA is simple, we want to be a church that connects with other churches in Austin to help transform our city for the glory of God. We are not lone rangers, we bring our vision and DNA along with hundreds of other churches to make an impact in this city. We also desire to have a global DNA. We want to connect with global churches and share the journey together, help each other and find unity for God’s glory.

The cool part of this is the fact that we are seeing our vision unfold by God’s grace. We are so imperfect, Jeff and I always feel like we need to do better. But in spite of us and our weakness’s, God is blessing our church. Jesus is our Senior Pastor. We keep praying that he will guide and lead us. We don’t want to be like any other church in America. We want to be “us” and allow God to create something good and beautiful and unique. Yet we want to partner with other churches. It does not matter if it’s house churches, mega churches, liberal churches or conservative churches-we don’t care (as long as Jesus is center and mission is the highest priority).

So today I celebrate the goodness of yesterday. I celebrate with all the other churches across the globe who came together and worshiped Jesus.  Yet my heart is burdened for my friends who pastor/minister to churches across the globe in places like S. Africa, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Ecuador and Budapest. The challenges they face are amazing but the stories they hold are transforming and good.

I love being apart of a greater story and being on a team of dreamers and doers who are giving their life for the sake of the world and the glory of God.  This is why I love the church and have yet to give up and walk away. Because the church is truly the hope for our world-nothing else can do what we can do. We can bring hope, love, healing, community, food and freedom to our world.  So may we keep going, moving forward, praying, sacrificing and living for each other and for our world in the name of Jesus, the resurrected King and Messiah.


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