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So I finally have the details for the trip to Africa this summer. First of all, let’s dispel a common concern in regards to time.

Normally we try and schedule 6-9 months in advance for a trip of this nature. But who needs that-we’re going to pull this bad-boy off in 3 months. No excuses please, we serve a big God and we can/will make this happen.

Also you don’t have to be from Vista or Austin. So if you wanna go let me know.


We will be leaving June 23rd and returning July 8th.



What are we doing?

1. Working with a local church and running a kids camp for the community. There is close to 150 kids, so we need some help to make this happen. We will do sports, crafts, Bible studies etc.

2. We will be building a local church. Maybe you think you’re not a handy person. Join the club, I can’t change a flat-tire on a bike. So again, no worries…We will work with the locals to build this church/community center. The picture below is the church as of now. We need help complete this project.


3. At night we will have a good time, pray, smile, laugh, rest, eat and relax.

4. We will end the trip with a safari at world famous Kruger National Park.

Where are we staying?

Shiluvari Lakeside Lodge.

This trip will be epic. You will make a difference…You will make life-long friends.

If you wanna go, let me know ASAP.


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  1. Sounds like an amazing trip. I will be praying for you guys. Keep up the great missional work!

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