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I’m going through my pictures I took in Egypt and I came across this one. We were eating lunch and some local street kids kept asking us for food. Jeff decided to buy them lunch. As he was ordering I walked outside and they kept asking me for food. I told them it was coming and they started jumping up and down saying thank you over and over with huge smiles on their face.

After Jeff gave them the food we drove-by the kids. In less then a minute they had the food out and were eating, more and more gathered to partake in this free meal. The smiles on their face was priceless. The words  “thank-you” will not be forgotten anytime soon. To thank that there are at least one million kids  (maybe two-million) that live like this.  That is just not right.  For one meal, Jeff was able to make a handful of kids smile and maybe for one day they will go to bed without hunger pains and with a glimmer of hope.

Jeff passing out lunch…


Kid talking to Jeff after Jeff passed out the food…



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  1. so, how exactly does “Kentucky Fried” translate into Egyptian?

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