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This could be epic for the country of Zimbabwe. Let’s hope it sticks.

According to friends who live in Zimbabwe, tensions are high. So please continue to pray for peace. I know for many Americans it’s hard to look outside our own issues, but please remember that the church exists in Zimbabwe just as it does here and our brothers and sisters need to hope for a better future. We complain about gas prices, they pray about daily food and clean water. They really do need us to love and support them.
When I do my daily devotions, I always spend time praying for friends and global issues that are vital to the Kingdom. Friends in Cairo, Budapest, Cape Town, Ecuador and Zimbabwe. I also pray for friends who are planting churches here in America. Sometimes I will even read blogs and pray for the bloggers and their faith community.

It’s a way for me to bless others and not be so self-centered on my own wants and needs.


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