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Creativity is absolutely vital if your going to have a quality Sunday experience. When I first started at Vista we did a series called “Love Wins.” This series gave us a vision for what we could do, it showed us the potential we had even though we were a small church with limited resources.

First of all, we asked a local artist to donate 3-paintings with the words “love wins,” “be the change” and “light of the world.” Then we asked a local graphic artist to do a logo and rave card for free and we asked the band to learn/play the U2 song “in the name of love.”

We did pay $99 to have the rave cards printed. But the design was done free. Therefore we had the logo on our screen on Sunday mornings, (and on our website) rave cards to hand out and 3 painting as props on the stage and a theme song for 6 weeks, we did all this for $99.

So the next time you feel under-resourced, that does not mean you have to stop being creative. You can turn this frustrating situation into an opportunity to involve your community and allow God to use their gifts. Lack of resources can actually be the fuel you need to be creative. It just takes some leadership to pull it all together.

For more creative ideas head over to Los’ blog.




  1. Nice! I’d love to see the paintings!

    Love wins!

  2. Way to go!! – but I did not see a link back to ragamuffinsoul creative chaos. Sorry, I was just given a new job “creative chaos police” ;o)
    Keep up the creativity!!!! and don’t forget to link back

    Carlos’ Mom

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