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I’m a big fan of leadership. I do my best to study great leaders in various streams of the church world. (along with other domains) Sometimes I cringe a bit, but at the end of the day I do my best to learn.

Sometimes It seems like I will always struggle with certain aspects of life. I wonder if I’m the only one? Then someone like Ed Young Jr. blogs about struggling with his sermon and I get happy. Even a so called “great” leader is still worried/nervous/stressed about speaking. Who would have thought?

I’ve learned that ministry and pastoring is incredibly hard. I used to think pastors whined too much about this. Everyone works hard, commutes and deals with stress. But now I understand why pastors get burnt-out. We have to be experts in so many areas, we do weddings and funerals and counseling, we have to know business and marketing and what it means to lead a productive meeting. We must spend time with people yet we have a massive to-do list. We don’t have the resources to hire people to protect our rhythm and help our weakness. Of course we also have to be spiritual giants who pray and study and we have to know theology and culture…The mental side of this can be overwhelming.

This is why I love being part of a team and flattening the leadership structure as much as possible. I need to share the burden of leading with other men and women. Yet at the end of the day, I still have to deal with all the realties of being Elder/leader. I’m glad I’m not the only one.



  1. Great thoughts on leadership. Just found your blog. Keep leading.

  2. I miss you. Thanks for working so hard to lead well. I shall call you.


  3. You’re exactly right. Being a minister is a very full-time job, and one that comes with a lot of unspoken expectations and responsibilities. I’ve always believed that only those who are truly called to serve in ministry will survive for the long haul. Maintaining the proper balance between ministry and family responsibilties is vital to avoiding burnout.

    Blessings on your ministry. . . and family.

  4. Great post bud. I feel the same way, too often I find myself fighting this burnout, and struggling to keep afloat. Add on being a husband and new dad, or any type of dad for that matter, and it piles on even more. It’s a daily battle not to drag that stuff into your family, but you can’t completely erase it either… My favorite is when people see me outside of church, no matter WHEN it is, they always say someting like “Bet it feels good not to have anything to do, huh?” Riiiiiiggggghhhht.

  5. It is true that leaders of churches are overworked. But there is another problem in this that needs to be viewed. God still has prophets, and leaders have learned to not hear them and corrections God may wish to make. Yes, satan also sends prophets to “correct” leaders, so leaders learn to shut off both the good and the bad. Then they wonder why things do not go smoothly. Even Peter had to receive correction from Paul, so leaders who think they are the only one in their church who hears from God need to awaken.

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