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I finally found a decent coffee-shop in N. Austin-Primo 360. Glory to the Most High God for this discovery.

Life is going well. I’m so grateful for what God is doing with Help End Local Poverty & Vista Church.

This past week we ran out of chairs at Vista. So many new people are coming and we are starting to see unchurched folks find Jesus. Last night some folks got together and prayed for Zimbabwe, Egypt and S. Africa among other things. We have Com Groups getting together and feeding the homeless and serving the poor. I love it. God is doing something great. We have this organic missional DNA going on and so much of what is happening is not because of some leader but its more the community who simply desires to do something great for God and we (leadership) cheer them on as best as we know how.

Yet Jeff and I feel so messy and clueless. We feel like we let people down and forget to do things and our website needs to be updated and we forgot to call this person back or meet with that person over there. It’s never ending…I feel so inadequate…I’m weak and He is strong 🙂

Another words no man can take credit for what God is doing…I love it.

We have many hurdles to overcome and we are still a small church (130-160). But this time six-months ago we were 70 (ish). Let’s just say Leadership Network won’t be calling anytime soon! But Jeff and I feel like we are finally seeing the vision come alive. So fun. That being said, I feel completely exhausted. I have no energy. I hate it. Very rare do I lack energy. I’m trusting in the Lord that I will “get back to normal” soon.

Until then I will suck down some coffee and push forward enjoying the goodness of God and the fruit of the Kingdom.



  1. Don’t worry dude – we can gain some energy by pwning some nOObs tonight and all will be well!

  2. Primo 360 is around the corner from me and is the best!

  3. Hey Chris, super pumped to hear of the growth, both missionally and numerically. Praise God.

  4. Lets see. Fixing the website or feeding the poor. I’d go with feeding the poor.

  5. check out josh packard’s pdf on his discoveries on the emerging church. it might help you relax a bit. (google him. no time for a link.)

  6. Love the heart of your leadership, mate. Sounds like things are getting well underway for you guys to unleash people to live externally. Remember the call from Jesus to share with people all that has been given to us and call them friends. He did that for us and we have to do that with them.

    One thing that is constantly on my mind is: am I creating a culture of unleashing people to pour back into our gatherings/missional communities, or unleashing people to plant and water into others and watch them blossom? I prefer the second one for sure.

    I’m excited about watching this journey from a distance. I am amazed at the transformation and beauty of the Kingdom of God. I love watching people catch the spirit of planting and calling people to an agenda driven story to see all things redeemed and made sacred for His Kingdom. The Church of Austin is coming to fruition thanks to you and Vista.


    in reference to pwning nOObs, would that be Halo3? cause I have numerous church planters that are doing that. We could set up a game and bounce ideas off one another and share stories of how God is changing lives whilst killing each other. That sounds like a great Friday night to me!

  7. Erick,

    Yes…We are Halo fiends…terranova07 is my gamertag.


    I’ll check it out…


    Maybe we shall see each other at Primo?

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