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So I need your help. Necole and I are thinking about adopting a boy from Africa. But we really have no clue where to start. So if you know a good organization please leave a comment and I will look into it.

We are in the research phase at this point…But we are also very serious. Thanks for the help.



  1. Right now, Ethiopia is the only country doing international adoptions for people living outside the country. Search for “ethiopia adoptions” and you’ll be able to find the agencies accredited to work in that country. To adopt from other countries, you have to live there. Or be a multi-platinum selling pop star.

  2. my friends started

    i can also send you an email, if you like

  3. Steven is right; Ethiopia is the only place in Africa where it’s easy to do an adoption at the moment. You can adopt from Uganda and Kenya, but it requires short-term (3-6 months) residency in the country.

    I recommend Buckner International for Ethiopian adoptions. They’re a Baptist group based in Dallas and have tons of experience with international and domestic adoptions:

    I know of some ad-hoc arrangements that have been made with Congolese orphans, but it’s far from simple with legal hurdles, etc. Shoot me an email if you want to get in contact with missionary friends there who’ve handled it in the past.

  4. Thanks everyone, very cool info.


    Buckner was the group that came right after we left Egypt last month. That’s cool.


    I may hit you up soon.

  5. We have a couple at the Village who adopted a child from Zambia, I believe. I can get you in contact with them if you like. It is apparently infectious though, as they adopted the boy several years ago and are now moving to Zambia to serve the people there. They found their heart was not just for the boy, but for the people. You might find that your heart is not just for a child, but a people.

    You can take the child out of Africa, but maybe you can’t take Africa out of your heart. Maybe there is more going on. Praying for discernment for you and your bride.

  6. Sure, no problem. I know there are other good groups working in Ethiopia, but one of my good friends from college is married to the controller at Buckner, so I tend to trust that they use their resources well. They’ve also been doing adoptions for 120+ years.

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