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So we’ve spent most of the day looking at houses, negotiating price and doing taxes. Wow, sucky (in a good way) kinda of day. But in the end it will all be worth it.

Of course the good news is…The Lakers may win the west…Kobe may get his first MVP…And the Red Sox made a great comeback tonight and won. Woo hoo.

Also, The Ashdown’s roll into town tomorrow. J leads worship for us this Sunday. Therefore I got 5 full days to convince these cats that they want to live in Austin…Pray hard. Harder than hard.

Back to buying the house. We really found a home we love. It’s close to our family and friends in N. Austin/RR. So tomorrow we should write-up the contract. It’s hard letting some real estate agent do the negotiating. I would rather do it because I love sales and real estate 🙂

This is somewhat of a scary step for us. I think it’s worth it and our kids will be in like the best schools in Austin and the neighborhood is real cool. More then that we will get to engage a community, be close to friends and simplify our lives.

I reflect back on the past few years and I can say that God has truly blessed us. Life is whole and wonderful and good. Even for a restless soul like me who spends way too much time dreaming and far too little time doing.

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  1. Dude, thats awesome about the house! Where did you end up finding one? Congratulations!

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