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It takes a consistent rhythm in order to be highly productive. Focus is essential, especially if you work in a self motivating culture like church planting. If you don’t have drive and passion you won’t get much done. And if you do have drive and passion but lack structure-you won’t get much done.

A few months ago we decided to simplify “everything” at Vista. Of course nothing is truly simple. But…we identified four areas of focus in order to take the next step:

1. Sunday Morning
2. Glocal Outreach
3. Kids Ministry
4. Communities On Mission

These areas have sub-structures like admin, assimilation and follow-up. Therefore simple is not really simple.

We also decided to create a scaled-down gathering on Sundays. Focus on worship and teaching and some occasional creative elements like video. But we don’t spend a lot of extra time or manpower on Sunday. Nor do we spend much time or resources on marketing/branding etc.

We hired a kids director to work like 10 hours per week. This has been great for us as we now have a point- person and someone to raise-up as a leader.

We took some risk and took two trips to Africa and we are starting a non-profit called Help End Local Poverty. (This makes no common sense, but it has been a huge catalyst for our church).

We brought in an outside worship leader so every Sunday we had amazing worship when our main band was traveling. Because of this, our house-band really improved and now we basically have an amazing team of people who are passionate about worship and they all love Vista. (yes we are lucky)

We took advantage of folks who are leading our COM Groups. They are naturally passionate and motivated, so we did not do any training. Yet our COM Groups are doing well. We need to improve this, but we can only do so many things at once. So we are very lucky to have these leaders who work hard to create great Com Groups.

And we are now in the process of raising up our deacons…This is a huge process for us and maybe the most important thing we are doing or will ever do.

Yet we still have so much to do. So many areas to improve. But we’ve seen so much fruit from our focus and decision making. Now it’s time to really take the next step. Which I will share tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Chris, it is so encouraging to hear how things are going up at Vista. Praise God for it. Love what you are doing brother.

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