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Big NBA fan…Huge Laker fan. So here 20 thoughts on the NBA playoffs.

1. I think the Lakers can win it this year. But they are not the favorites. The Celtics, Suns, Lakers & Spurs are the teams I think will have a legit shot. New Orleans and Detroit could also make some noise.
2. Lebron is a freak of nature.
3. Dirk and The Mavs just lack heart and toughness.
4. Suns fans will now understand how we Lakers fans felt for years. Kobe will never get the credit he deserves. Shaq is a great player, but he’s always in foul trouble and he can’t make free-throws. That hurts big time.
5. Celtics, are they for real? Can they beat a Western team 4 times?
6. The East should be fresh when the finals roll around. Big advantage.
7. The Lakers need Andrew Bynum & Trevor Ariza back. Our defense sucks.
8. San Antonio has heart…Big heart.
9. Dwight Howard is under-rated. Stat machine.
10. Chris Paul is amazing. Dude is for real.
11. Denver scares me…You never know, they got so much talent.
12. Bad timing for the Rockets. They have every excuse to miss the playoffs and they almost won the West…they deserve some props.
13. Not sure people understand how hard it was for the Lakers to win the West. Lot’s of injuries and changes, yet the did not miss a beat in a tough conference.
14. The Suns, Spurs, Celtics & Mavs only have a year-or-two left. They all need to win now.
15. The future of NBA is the Lakers, Hornets, Jazz & Magic. They have no key player retiring in the next 2-4 years.
16. Amare Stoudamire is nuts. Dues is another stat machine.
17. Who is the better big man of thier generation, Shaq or Duncan?
18. Kobe deserves the MVP, so does CP3. Lebron and KG play in the east, they deserve nothing.
19. Portland is stacked, if Odom come back strong…wow, could be another future champion in the making.
20. The East is in trouble. Celtics and Detroit are older. Who will take their place? So far…NO ONE.



  1. No outcry for the Sonics being stolen from Seattle?!

  2. Dude, I don’t care if the refs are dirty, the players are dirty, or the Suns have Shaq or no Shaq. The spurs flat out own the suns. They just know how to win against them when it counts. Also, did you read how LeBron is STILL growing? What? That should friggin scare people.

    Also, Im a Bulls fan so I legally can’t root for the Lakers, so Im going against them.

    Let’s go KG and the Celts.

  3. Kobe is not even the MVP of his team. The Lakers had 30+ assists yesterday – he had one.

    Lebron is by far the best player in the NBA. I watched him shut down Kobe when it mattered in Cleveland, when the game was on the line. I watched run step for step with Rondo of the Celtics. He has the highest scoring avergae with like an average of 7 assists and 8 rebounds a game.

  4. Jason,

    That is so lame. Seattle to Oklahoma City? Wow. Why did Seattle not build them an arena?


    I agree…Reminds me of of the Lakers vs. Sac earlier this decade.


    Bro…That is one game-are you for real? You can’t be the best player till you win the ring. Lebron is amazing and I think he may be the best ever. But he plays in the east.

    Kobe had the highest scoring ave the past two years-was he the best player?

    Both guys are amazing…But Lebron is not way better…He can’t play D. Kobe is first team O and D. Nuff said.

    But I do think Lebron could be the best ever. It’s only a matter of time. He’s not even close to his potential yet and that is scary.

  5. Just a warning, Nick is going to try and post some long Diatribe about the suns. He’s a total homer. I haven’t heard him talk about anything but soccer until now. Disregard anything from Nick.

  6. I thought the Suns were going to win this series…They played well last night (1st half) and still lost. Kinda scary.

  7. marlow, why did you remove my comment? i didn’t cuss did I?

  8. Strange….It was here…I did not delete it.

    I’ll look in the WP Dashboard.

    Suns better step up. You think they miss the Matrix?

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