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Buying a house is all-consuming. I hate it. But it’s worth it. I hope to make an offer on a house today or tomorrow. There are so many options right now, which is good but still a complicated the process.

Can’t stand Hillary Clinton. Just can’t stand her. I would vote for my dog before I voted for Hillary.

Gas prices are crazy. I’m going to have think-through my driving habits. Stay local more (too bad the coffeeshops suck where I live) and be a good steward of my resoruces.

I need a vacation. I’m getting ready to plan one. Just a few days to chill, think and pray with the wife.

Lakers tonight. This is soooo stressful. Playoffs take way to long.

Mavs, Wiz and Suns choked. I think it time for the Mavs to re-think the entire team. Kidd has brough nothing to the table in terms if leadership and tenacity.

I wonder if the Suns would rather have Marion or Shaq right now? Tough call.


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