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Recently I had someone ask me why I love doing ministry. I think I surprised this cat with my answer. I don’t necessary love to preach, or do admin, or council people or teach classes. What I love more then anything is connecting people to other people. This is so natural for me…I’m a broker.

Who needs help? Who do I know that can help? My mind is always in this mode. Spinning and spinning. When things get stoic I break down…If I’m not dreaming, thinking, hoping and praying…Life gets boring. Even if I’m highly successful…Personal success just does not mean much to me.

Of course this is why I love sales so much…You have to network. I’ve started multiple networking groups and I love it. When I’m helping someone succeed I feel at peace…It’s the ultimate high.

The organization that I’m starting (Help End Local Poverty) is all about connecting. Connecting the West to the East. Connecting America to Africa and Africa to America. Connecting people in need to people who have no need but lack purpose. I love sharing stories of Cairo…Cape Town…Zimbabwe…They need help, they need someone to connect them to someone else. I love seeing people understand that they can make a difference, they can save a life.

Jesus is the ultimate connector…He connected humanity back to God and then told humanity to connect with each other, love each other, serve each, avoid being selfish. So beautiful.

I have many friends trying to do so many “missional” activities…I want to help them all succeed. I wish I had more resources…I wish I could write a check for “x” amount of money. I feel their burden…I carry their burdens with me. This is not always healthy, but it’s how I’m wired.

Who’s burden are you carrying today? I hope it’s more then just your own!


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